Nodal officers join hands with various NGOs in Punjab

Punjab’s economy is rolling nicely. Fiscal year 2014 – 2015, notched an impressive Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate, outstripping the prior forecasts. The social and economic status of the Punjab state appears to be marching towards reaching its peak, of which the concentrated contribution of the Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs), cannot be ignored.

Punjab has an evident history of social reforms and voluntary associations which can be witnessed from the commendable contribution of the Non – Governmental Organizations, the voluntary bodies which work towards some specific social cause in the state. The chief secretary of the state, Mr. Sarvesh Kaushal directed the planning department of Punjab towards creating a website which would contain the records of all the NGOs in the state. In contrast to their aims, vision, objectives and activities carried out at the grassroots levels.

The visionary far sight of Mr. Kaushal proposed the website to have a separate portal assigned for the grievances of the public, which would help to provide a platform to these organizations for expressing their problems, grievances and other issues which would be constantly monitored, followed by corrective and stringent actions by various departments in the state.

“A separate cells headed by a Nodal Officer would be set up in public dealing departments like Health, Education, Social Security, Welfare, Finance and Planning so that the interests of NGOs are looked after well and their problems are sorted out in a time bound manner. These separate wings would also monitor and evaluate the functioning of the voluntary organizations and ensure that necessary funds and other requisite support be extended to these bodies for facilitating their functioning in a more effective and smooth manner,”, claimed the chief secretary of the state, Mr. Sarvesh Kaushal.

The initiative of creating separate cells headed by a nodal officer, and the computerization of various departments has helped the state in overcoming from the credibility crisis, which have been charged as embezzlements and scandals. The Health, Education, Social Security, Welfare, Finance and Planning department is being monitored by the Non – governmental Organizations in the state thereby ensuring a prompt, smooth, hassle free and effective functioning of the various departments. The secretary of Planning department, Jaspal Singh expressed his regard towards the Punjab government for initiating such radical projects for the Non – Governmental Organizations.

Needless to say, the success of the Non – Governmental Organizations can be seen in the Punjab state for having helped immensely to penetrate ill will from the grass roots. After all, people in Punjab come forward from all walks of life to contribute their effective participation in the Non – Governmental Organizations.  The fathomless contribution of the Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP led state government, in providing moral and economic support to such Non – Governmental Organizations is certainly commendable.

The Non – Governmental Organizations have come a long way to this day owing to their sheer determination and grit to serve, thereupon bridging the wide gap between NGOs and the state government.