Bathinda, ready to avoid Dengue this year

Dengue has been spreading across the state of Punjab since a long time and it has affected the people of the state at a large scale. This year the Health Department is trying its best to avoid the state from being affected with this dangerous disease. For the same, they are taking the required precautions and even checking in every possible place, where Dengue could have set its mark.

They have been carrying out door-to-door campaigns in most of the places of Punjab, so that people are well aware of the precautions and symptoms of Dengue, so that it can be avoided from spreading around the whole place. The Gambusia fish is one such specie that eats up the larva spread around by the dengue mosquitoes and other such vector-borne mosquitoes. The Health Department of Punjab is multiplying the number of these fishes in all parts of the state, so that even if the larva is born, the fishes can eat it up and avoid from spreading. The department has dispersed these fishes in areas like ponds and other water areas where the water remains stagnant; it has significantly been placed on the outskirts of the Civil Hospital. Carrying out its awareness drive, the department has covered almost all the areas of Bathinda, which includes more than 60, 000 households in 50 wards of the city.

Fridays in Bathinda are known as Dry Days for the occasion to spread awareness amongst the residents to keep their surroundings clean and to make it a point to keep their refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Coolers clean and dry. This is an interesting way to make the residents wash and dry up their house once every week, so that the mosquitoes don’t get an opportunity to create larva and breed. Bathinda was one of those places of Punjab where Dengue was reported in the highest number last year. This is the reason why the health department is focusing most on this part of Punjab, so that what happened earlier, shouldn’t happen again. A number of people lost their lives due to this disease and they are now more than ready to create a healthy environment around them, so that Dengue doesn’t spread around the place this year or anytime further. There were around 2, 017 cases reported in Bathinda last year. The hospitals are also now more aware and equipped as compared to last year to handle the patients, if Dengue affects the city.


Sangrur Cancer Hospital bringing the best medical care to Punjab

With the help of Tata Memorial centre Mumbai, Punjab government has been able to help the cancer patient who usually used to travel outside the state for treatment. With all the modern facilities available the cancer hospital has been established in civil hospital, Sangrur.

Sangrur Cancer Hospital bringing the best medical care to Punjab.png

Termed as India’s Bread Basket, Punjab has given India major food products since the very beginning. Providing high yielding crops has had its toll on the state and it farmers. Cancer has plunged its roots deep in the state.

In the wake of such developments Punjab state government has seen to it as a necessity to provide the citizens with good health care. More so it has been a need to provide the state with a cancer hospital. Which would result in people availing benefits that they look forward for in neighbouring states be provided in Punjab itself!

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tata Memorial Centre, Punjab government gave it citizens something that was much needed, a cancer hospital. According to the MoU signed between the two Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital (HBCH) was opened up in Sangrur. HBCH provide the residents of the state with treatment to the disease of cancer and would also work towards preventing it.

It was decided by the same that Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital (HBCH) be opened at the Civil hospital, Sangrur. This would even act as a facility of the Homi Bhabha cancer hospital research centre located in Mohali.

The causes of cancer being large in the state are still unknown but studies indicate towards a specific direction, one we choose to ignore. The vast use of chemical fertilisers and industrialisation has contaminated the water in the areas of the state.

The population of Sangrur is now able to attain the benefits of the Cancer hospital. Earlier for which they had to often leave the state and travel to neighbouring states for the same. The MoU signed with Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) Mumbai establishes the centre within the civil hospital. The cancer Hospital is expected to house and attend patients between 2500 and 3000 cancer patients. It is expected to attend numerous patients in the coming four to five years.

A write up in the ‘Global post’ claimed that in a village named Sher Singh Wala cancer has affected almost every other home in the 2000 resident village. The main reason for cancer in the state has been sighted as the level of toxins increasing in the water due to chemical fertilisers.

The Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital consists of 10 day care beds. Three intensive care units have also been set up to the count of three, there are three more recovery beds and eight inpatient beds. The centre is well equipped with modern technology to treat patients in the best possible way. It is well equipped to diagnose and treat patients with high end facilities. There are also chemotherapy and surgical facility. RT treatment requirements like 3D-CRT, SRS, IMRT, IGRT, etc. have been made available too.

Health Scheme to Safeguard Traders

Protecting the traders of the state, Punjab government launched the insurance policy that gives traders health benefits up to 50,000 INR per annum. The ‘New Traders policy-2013’ brought relief for the traders of the state. Along with Lump sum tax proposals the SAD-BJP government even took out the insurance scheme which came to be the first of its kind in the nation.

Health Scheme to Safeguard Traders

The scheme gives insurance cover for traders having turnover up to Rs. 1 crore. The scheme objective is provide three Insurance covers that are

  • Accidental Death &Disability Insurance Cover
  • Health Insurance Cover
  • Fire & special Perils Insurance Cover

It would benefit 1.86 Lakh traders. It is known as Social Security Scheme and this scheme would not cover those traders who are under any other State Insurance scheme.

Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar having the most traders with turnover up to 1 crore are divided amongst themselves. Ludhiana -1 has the most businessmen with numbers at 15433. SBS Nagar has the least with 2059 traders. With a total of 1, 86,543 traders availing the facilities, public and private both kind of hospitals will be made capable of handling the situation.

The Health Care cover of Rs. 50,000 will cover one person only. The beneficiaries of the scheme will get a plastic card for health insurance cover. This will enable cashless transactions for meeting expenses of hospitalization for surgical and medical procedures. Hospitalization costs for up to 5 days post discharge will be inclusive in the insurance cover.

Under the Accidental death & disability Cover the recipients of the Plastic card will be giver cover of Rs. 2 Lakhs. In case of accidental death of the beneficiary he nominee has to go to the website of the insurance provider and submit the claim. The rest will be taken care of by the insurance provider, who has to take the required documents and settle the claim within 30 days. If the legatee faces accidental disability then by providing his/her Unique Identification number to the Insurance providers’ website they can submit the claim which will be required to collect information. The UID is printed on the back side of the plastic card. The settlement is to be done in 30 days.

In case a beneficiary faces hospitalisation after an accident and even after the treatment is disabled then he will be eligible for health and accidental cover both.

If a traders stock catches fire and it suffers loss/damage provided that it is kept at a registered location then the trader will be authorised for Rs. 5 lakhs cover under Fire Insurance. The claim however will be as per the Average clause defined under IRDA. The same will be settled within 30 days of the traders’ submission of the claim on the website of the insurance provider.

Average clause is calculated as follows in case of loss by fire:

Average clause = Loss of stock/Value of total stock on date of fire x Sum insured

There are State Level Committees under the traders’ insurance policy scheme which keep a check on the insurer and the insurance provider. The chairman of the Committee is nominated by Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Punjab and is to be an officer not below the rank of Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner. The task of the committee is to coordinate between the government and Insurance providers. With this the government gets to keep a check on if any irregularities that surface.

For grievance redressal a separate committee has been formed which is headed by Assistant Excise & Taxation Commissioner of the district. The committee helps the beneficiaries in case of any issue that causes them a problem.