Amphibious bus project successfully launched in Punjab


“Punjab became the only state in the country having amphibious buses. Harike wetland has water bus successfully launched by the Deputy CM of Punjab, Sukhbir Singh Badal on Monday.”

In all spheres, Punjab is shining and in reality, Punjab is growing by leaps and bounds. The Harike wetland got first water bus which will carry tourists across the wetland. An amphibious bus project successfully launched in the presence of Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal.

It was a dream project of Sukhbir Singh Badal who worked tirelessly to accomplish the task. The vehicle is imported from Swedish company and it can run both on land and water. It will enhance tourism in the state and moreover, will attract tourists in Harike wetland.

The amphibious buses would start in Ropar and Bhatinda soon. The Deputy CM of Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal said that he delivered what he promised. He further added that where there is a will there is a way.

The bus will enter the wetland from a ramp near Chungian village, around 3 km from Gurdwara Nanksar, and emerge from water at Makhu, traversing over 3 km in the water. The Irrigation Department has prepared a 240X25 feet ramp on either side at an estimated cost of Rs 75 lakh.

Punjab government led by SAD regime has given its best to the state. The state has been growing in tourism sector by leaps and bounds. Amritsar city has transformed into a tourism hub. The ruling government has come up with various memorials and monuments to preserve the rich heritage of Punjab.


SAD’s signature campaign gets ten lakh signatures in two days

More tubewell connections bring cheer to farmers in Punjab

The signature campaign of SAD against SYL raised a storm in Punjab and ten lakh farmers signed the petition. The party started the campaign two days back and it is expected that around 25 lakh farmers will sign the document.

The campaign getting good response as within two days ten lakh farmers showed their interest against SYL. Parkash Singh Badal seeking the intervention of President Pranab Mukherjee on river waters issue. The “appeal” especially refers to the injustice done to the state under Section 78 of the Punjab Re-organisation Act, 1966.

All the 25 lakh forms are to be signed by till December 8 on the birthday of Punjab CM. A rally has scheduled on the same day at Moga. The petition will be handed over to President Pranabh Mukherji.

The core committee of SAD had decided to take all the preventive steps to save the water of Punjab. The state would not share even a single drop as Punjab has insufficient water.  The Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal was the first person to sign the petition.

Since the approval of the SYL, the SAD opposed the then Congress government to not construct SYL. Even the party has always stood up with the Punjab farmers against SYL. When Punjab has not much water then there is no question of sharing the water with other states. Where the Punjab farmers will go for water if SYL is constructed?

The Punjab farmers are showing their keenness for signing the petition against SYL. A farmer in Sangrur said, “When we don’t have sufficient water then how come we can share the water with other state. We are with Punjab government against SYL.”

Even the various farmers associations have supported the campaign against SYL. It seems the President will definitely take some concrete decision after getting the petition.

To Protect Waters, SAD Launches Signature Campaign

The SAD chief and Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal launched exclusive signature campaign against the on-going issue about the construction of Satluj Yamuna Link Canal (SYL).

Parkash Singh Badal himself signed the first officially printed form to begin the campaign at his residence in Chandigarh. As per the reports, 25 lakh households are targeted to become the part of the campaign through Akali Dal cadre.

These forms then would be handed over to the President of India by 8th of December. And a huge rally on the SYL is to be organized at Moga.

The SAD core committee has decided to implement all the preventive measures to safeguard the water of Punjab.  The state govt. urges to take a serious note of the fact that Punjab is already short of its water needs. The farmers of the state are facing severe water crisis.

Badals have decided to take an extreme stance on the issue; even if it needs going to jail for contempt of court or even stepping down as chief minister. Sr. Parkash Singh Badal is known as the savior of Punjab waters.

It is a great move by the Badal Govt. The water of Punjab must remain in Punjab this time. The opposition is doing nothing but to create a political trouble all around in a view to win upcoming elections.

The signature campaign is a clarion call to the people of Punjab in the fight against the SYL. It is the fight for the survival of farmers of Punjab who are already facing the crunch due to avulsions of nature.

Punjab Government Is About Women Empowerment

Punjab government is one of the governments that prioritize women empowerment and it also because of the preaching of Gurus and Saints who focus on equality of women and preached against child marriage, female feticide, sati pratha and illiteracy among women.

Punjab government is actively involved in making women empowered and their lives better through safety and the schemes that government comes up with. One of these schemes is The Shagun scheme, which was started by Punjab government with effect from April 1, 1997. It helps the underprivileged families during the time of their daughter’s marriage. Punjab government has been active on the cause and ensures its timely delivery of benefits.

Every year a lot of families are benefited from this scheme, in the financial year of 2012-13, Punjab government covered 82,267 beneficiaries and in financial year 2013-14 around 81,000 beneficiaries were covered and during the financial year 2014-15 around 60,000 beneficiaries were covered under Shagun Scheme.

Recently, Punjab government has provided Rs98 crore budget for the scheme for the financial year 2015-16.Under the scheme, financial assistance of Rs 15000 is provided to schedule casts, backward class, Christians, economically weaker sector and widows of any casts. It is good to see a government so dedicated to the cause.

Punjab’s New “Walk Of Fame”

On 23rd October the state government of Punjab showcased the plaza at the main entrance of Golden Temple in Amritsar which has been developed at an overall cost of Rs 250 crore.

A facelift to the stretch from the historic Town Hall to Golden Temple has been given by the state government with beautification of roads and recreation of the facades of 170 buildings surrounding Darbar Sahib.
The “first-of-its-kind in the country”, galleries have been created as a part of this project. These would convey the story of the Sikh religion and its humanitarian philosophy to the visitors in a comprehensive manner, using latest state-of-the-art technologies. The galleries will narrate the story of the birth and establishment of Sikhism from the time of Guru Nanak Dev to Guru Gobind Singh.

In front of Jallianwala Bagh, a rock structure has been erected which will be lit with an eternal flame of our freedom struggle. Under the project, almost 170 buildings on Heritage Street, surrounding Harmandir Sahib, have been given a facelift. The development of the road beautifully displays the art and heritage of Punjab.

Another addition is the model of Parliament House, along with a BR Ambedkar’s statue, grabbing the status of a “one-of-its-kind in the country”.

A multi-level stone fountain with beautiful artwork depicting the Sikh religion during the Maharaja’s era has too been constructed from scratch. Parallelly, an LED screen has been installed on the street at Saragarhi Parking, which will screen the ‘gurbani’ recital from Harmandir Sahib to the people for an hour daily.

The main feature is the state of the art entrance which has been conceived as a domed structure supported on four cusped arches resting on four piers in each corner, imitating the structure of the Harmandir Sahib. In fact, the domed gateway structure has been painted in a golden metallic colour to relate to the international image of Harmandir Sahib as ‘Golden Temple’.

These architectural wonders hold the potential to turn the holy city of Amritsar into the most popular tourist destination in Punjab.

Punjab’s Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal Inaugurates Largest Solar Power Plant In Mansa

Deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal inaugurated the largest power plant in a single location in the state of mansa today. The power plant is worth 31.5MW. The plan has been installed by M/s Bhanu Energy Infrastructure and Power Limited and Bhanu Energy Industrial Development Limited.

Minister for Renewable Energy Bikram Majithia said the power plant has been set up with an investment of Rs 200 crore at Mirpur Kalan village and it is one of the state’s biggest investment. “The State is steadily moving on the path of becoming leading ‘solar power State’ of the country,” he said, adding this is the “largest power plant” located at single location in the state established at 173 acres of land. Majithia said that in a short span of three-four years of time with the investment of `8,000 crores, solar power generation has touched 1,080 MW from just nine MW with the growth rate of more than 100 per cent in the state.

Chandigarh becomes aware with Food Testing On spot

It has becoming really difficult with time to judge the purity of your food. With industrialization, the adulteration is also increasing which is a huge risk for the public. People are switching to Organic food these days but they are not affordable and available in all parts of the country.

The UT Health department has devised a new way to take care of people and to find out whether the good you are eating is adulterated or not. Now you can get your food tested at the comfort of your home. This will help you in figuring out what all that you eat is adulterated or not and to what level if it is.

The UT Health Department is preparing a mobile food-testing laboratory that will go from door to door to test food. You can get this food testing done at the minimal cost of Rs.30. The lab will take a tour to all the sectors of Chandigarh. It is great step to make people aware of what they are eating and also to control adulteration. The lab will roam around the city, collecting samples and is available from Monday to Friday. The aim is to test these products and spread awareness about the adulteration and getting it in control.