Amphibious bus project successfully launched in Punjab


“Punjab became the only state in the country having amphibious buses. Harike wetland has water bus successfully launched by the Deputy CM of Punjab, Sukhbir Singh Badal on Monday.”

In all spheres, Punjab is shining and in reality, Punjab is growing by leaps and bounds. The Harike wetland got first water bus which will carry tourists across the wetland. An amphibious bus project successfully launched in the presence of Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal.

It was a dream project of Sukhbir Singh Badal who worked tirelessly to accomplish the task. The vehicle is imported from Swedish company and it can run both on land and water. It will enhance tourism in the state and moreover, will attract tourists in Harike wetland.

The amphibious buses would start in Ropar and Bhatinda soon. The Deputy CM of Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal said that he delivered what he promised. He further added that where there is a will there is a way.

The bus will enter the wetland from a ramp near Chungian village, around 3 km from Gurdwara Nanksar, and emerge from water at Makhu, traversing over 3 km in the water. The Irrigation Department has prepared a 240X25 feet ramp on either side at an estimated cost of Rs 75 lakh.

Punjab government led by SAD regime has given its best to the state. The state has been growing in tourism sector by leaps and bounds. Amritsar city has transformed into a tourism hub. The ruling government has come up with various memorials and monuments to preserve the rich heritage of Punjab.


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