Chandigarh becomes aware with Food Testing On spot

It has becoming really difficult with time to judge the purity of your food. With industrialization, the adulteration is also increasing which is a huge risk for the public. People are switching to Organic food these days but they are not affordable and available in all parts of the country.

The UT Health department has devised a new way to take care of people and to find out whether the good you are eating is adulterated or not. Now you can get your food tested at the comfort of your home. This will help you in figuring out what all that you eat is adulterated or not and to what level if it is.

The UT Health Department is preparing a mobile food-testing laboratory that will go from door to door to test food. You can get this food testing done at the minimal cost of Rs.30. The lab will take a tour to all the sectors of Chandigarh. It is great step to make people aware of what they are eating and also to control adulteration. The lab will roam around the city, collecting samples and is available from Monday to Friday. The aim is to test these products and spread awareness about the adulteration and getting it in control.


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