Punjab moved to High-powered tractors with highest Sale

Punjab has the highest amount of agricultural land. People have been in farming since generations, the base of Punjab is agriculture. Punjab has been constantly moving forward with new technologies, using the new technologies to help farmers and agriculture. Technology has really helped farming; you can get more with lesser efforts.

 Tractors are one of the most important machines required in farming. Punjab has been using tractors since decades and the farmers have also moved to using high-powered tractors and according to the stats, they are sold in the largest numbers in Punjab. Punjab alone sells 30 percent of high powered tractors.

 These high powered tractors doesn’t come in cheap, they are expensive and priced over Rs. 6 lakh and above, the farmers are capable to afford these tractors and other high technology machines so they can reap better produce. There are various factors in the increase of the sales of these tractors in Punjab, but one of the main reasons is the multi usage of these tractors. Also the farmers are becoming progressive, realizes the importance and benefits of new technology with government also providing great help by free electricity that these farmers can spend their hard earned money on improving their production. These tractors help in completing land operations in much lesser time and the farmers can make use of the spared time.


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