Punjab selling High-powered tractors in huge numbers

The base of Punjab’s culture and heritage is farming; this is so because it has the highest amount of agriculture land. People in Punjab have been in the industry of farming since several generations and are carrying it forward today as well. In terms of technology, farming has come a long way in India, from what it used to be. With better technology, farmers in India can now irrigate large amount of land and get huge quantity of crops in less time and by putting in lesser efforts.

When it comes to farming, another thing that Punjab relates to, are its tractors. It has been using tractors since decades and has the best technology available in the country. The farmers have recently started using high-powered tractors and they are sold in the largest numbers in the state. On an average, in the whole country they are sold only 7-8 percent of the total number of tractors sold. But when we talk about Punjab alone, it sells around 30 percent of High-powered tractors, out of the total number of tractors sold.

These tractors are expensive, as they are priced at Rs. 6 lakh and above, still the state and its farmers are capable enough to afford this high technology and useful tractors, so that they can reap better produce. When the sale of these tractors is seen, Punjab has been topping the list since the year 2014 and it is followed by states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The difference of number of tractors sold in Punjab in comparison to Uttar Pradesh and Haryana was around 2, 000 tractors in the year 2014-15. In the year 2015-16, the difference has lowered down to around 1, 000 in Uttar Pradesh and 2, 000 in Haryana.

There are various factors behind the increasing sale of these tractors in Punjab, but the major reasons is the possibility of multiple usages that these tractors are capable of. Also, the progressive farmers are doing so good that they can easily afford these tractors at this rate, so they would definitely prefer to go for better technology. These tractors help in completing the land operations in much lesser time in comparison to others, so the farmers can make full use of the small amount of time between two crops. Owning these tractors is also a sign of high standards for the farmers in the state, so to maintain they high status, they prefer going for these tractors in comparison to others.


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