Women artists from Amritsar exhibit at Gaiety theatre

10 women artists, hailing from the holy city of Amritsar, are all set to put up an exhibition of their work at Shimla’s historic Gaiety theatre, displaying 50 art works including sculptures and paintings over a span of three days beginning June 13.Working tirelessly and reaching out to people with their art visibility and acclaim, the all-women group consists of women from all ages, with the youngest member of the group being 17 and the oldest one being 47, the creative diversity reflecting in their work is refreshing.

Their last exhibition at Shimla was successful as many of the paintings got sold and over 500 visitors registered every day. This year, they have creating artwork in mix medium, especially for the show.The group indulges in a lot of touring as they realize that not many can walk into galleries and understand art, especially in such small cities where there is lack of knowledge and sensitivity towards art. Therefore, these groups like to move around a lot and bring art to those who will be able to appreciate and celebrate it.

The group brings together women artists with same thought process and commitment towards not just creating art but promoting it as well, boasts of senior artists like Varuna Khanna and Saroj Sharma.According to Gursharan Kaur, 28, young artist from the city and a member of the Women Artist group, this year they have created art that revolves around sensitive but themes and issues, but important nevertheless, like gender-based issues, women empowerment and equality, spirituality, experimenting with different media in their genre.Even though promoters are hard to find, lack of sponsorships has never been an issue with them, as there are six artists in the group, who excel in both painting and sculpture making and there are no other women artist groups in the city.

Flaunting about their group shows in Dharamsala, Jalandhar and Delhi that got a tremendous response, getting the right price for their art is one of the biggest motivators for these women artists to go for art shows outside Amritsar.The expenses of touring do not bother them, as they always knew that they would have to support themselves before getting their work noticed. Focusing on doing the right work, the artists claim that that they have managed to get a bigger audience and potential market for their artwork outside of city.

According to Bharti Malhotra, who is famous for her sculptures and Tanjore paintings, said that last year they had managed to sell some of their works for Rs 25,000 each, which is quite encouraging, given the fact that Amritsar shows always lack buyers.The group comprises Aakarshi Sahni, Bharti Malhotra, Gursharn Kaur, Inderpreet Kaur, Saroj Sharma and Teena Sharma among others.


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