Discussions on endangered species mark World Environment Day

Witnessing the struggling state of its biodiversity, The Punjab Government made sure that The World Environment Day was observed and celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor.Keeping in mind the global theme for 2016 as “Go Wild for Life – Zero Tolerance for Illegal Wildlife Trade”, a green ceremony was conducted all over Punjab.In the light of this, the science city, Kapurthala, observed this day by holding an important event at the premises of Pushpa Gujral Science City, organized jointly by the Punjab Pollution Control Board.

 Keeping in view the threats to iconic wildlife species from poachers who indulge in illegal trade of animal parts, discussions on endangered species and other environmental issues were carried out.The event saw the active participation and significant contribution by Manpreet Singh (IAS), Chairman, PPCB; RK Luna, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Retired), Punjab; Dr Rajesh Grover, Director, Science City; DrBabu Ram, Member Secretary, Punjab Pollution Control Board, Patiala; and SandeepBehal, Senior Environment Engineer; among many others.Highlighting the importance of protecting wildlife in their natural habitat, the organizations also focused on the prohibition of deforestation.The event discussed various sensitive issues like the sale of exotic plants and animals, who are caught and uprooted from their natural habitat. This trade, despite of being illegal, is being carried out discreetly and thoroughly and endangering the life of many, while threatening their survival. This issue along with overexploitation of natural resources has been addressed as a priority.

The most endangered species in India are The Great Indian Rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tiger, whose population has decreased by a significant number. These poor animals are victimized for their horns, bones, teeth, and skins etc, which are smuggled through international borders.Due to the overexploitation of wildlife, the authorities are concerned as many people depend on entirely on the continued availability of local wildlife resources viz. fuel, food and medicines, and the depletion of such resources is harming the human livelihood.The balance of nature has been seriously disturbed by the deliberate introduction of many invasive and foreign species, which have caused indirect harm by competing with native species.

Therefore, the government is constructing a thoughtful plan, with great care and research to strike the right balance and use the correct amount of resources from wildlife species and their habitats, to prevent their extinction.Keeping in mind that the public must cooperate and present the new generations with a healthy green environment, various officials delivered special lectures to spread awareness.Various offices, NGOs and schools like Staff of the State Bank of Patiala planted saplings at the Government Middle School, Garha, in Jalandhar; to set an example and encourage the same.The government has really stepped up in taking an initiative to extend their efforts towards the saving and protecting of biodiversity and hopefully the measures taken by them will be fruitful for nature and society.


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