Special children saving the environment

Whether you are a child or an adult, a female or a male, the depleting state of the environment is an issue that should bother each and every individual of the society. This is so because life wont be possible in future if we keep on harming the environment. From saving water, to planting trees, there are a number of effortless things that, if done by all can make a huge difference in the society and help in saving the environment.

One such effort has been done by a number of special children from schools like Jagriti Special School, Ibadat, Bhawans SL Public School and Amrit Parivar. For showing that they care for the environment, they have planted trees and motivated a number of people to do the same. This whole activity was possible in an association with the Pehal Resource Center in Karampura. Under the guidance of District Special Olympics Association, these children carried out the activity of planting trees and explaining the society how effortless; yet important this task is for the society in today’s world.

DSOA has been inspiring students at a number of schools to plant tress and save the environment through a number of different kinds of activities. But such an initiative was its firsts, and it plans to carry it on further with more children. These schools have been doing their own bit to impart the education to kids on environment, its current state and what can be done to save it. Along with this, various schools have taught their kids to use jute bags, paper bags and even carried out activities of making such bags, so that the use of plastic bags can be reduced in the near future. The representative from the school Ibadat said that they keep teaching the kids about saving water and electricity through different kinds of activities. These activities make the learning process a lot simpler and also stays for a long time in the minds of the kids.

The schools took a pledge to come forward together and bring out some collaborated efforts for saving the environment with participation of the kids, their friends and even their families. Teachers and principals of these schools say that in comparison to other kids, these special kids are more responsive and interested in carrying out such activities, which help the environment. Also, like any other individual they should also understand their responsibility towards the environment and the society.


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