Piggeries: A budding sector in Punjab

Punjab has witnessed a state wide transformation in the social, cultural, political and economic spheres of life. The transition from conventional to modern techniques of the agriculture sector, has given rise to six government pig breeding farms in the state. Keeping in view the fact that, pigs have got the highest feed conversion efficiency. The Punjab State Co – operative Agricultural Development Bank Limited, has initiated various schemes in favor of Piggeries in the state.

Piggeries - A budding sector in Punjab.png

Punjab being a state with approximately 50,000 pig population and 234 progressive piggery farmers, pork production was notched at nearly 76,000 tonnes in the year 2014 – 2015.

The state government has been conducive towards the needs of the piggery sector, which is clearly evident by its over – whelming loan schemes which are disbursed for the breeding of pigs and for meat business, and the setup of Asia’s first ultra – modern pig farm in Ludhiana.

The foundation stone of Asia’s first ultra – modern pig farm at Grewal Farm village Khassi Kalan, Ludhiana was initiated in the year 2013, by the Polar Genetic India Private Limited in collaboration with Alberta, Canada – based Polar genetics (2012) incorporated, primarily a genetically – improved swine genetics company. With the visionary eye of ‘Save farmer – Save nation’, the pig farm was initiated with the motive of making the piggery sector organized and more productive, with the help of scientific aid. It shall also cater to the needs of the farmers, by the provision of training in modern piggery breeding practices.

In contrast to the pig farm, the honorable chief minister of the state Mr. Parkash Singh Badal expressed in the British Pig Association (BPA) meet, his visionary far sight of the piggery sector in Punjab. The BPA export manager, Chris Jackson is said to ink a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the state government which shall certainly provide a boost to the piggery sector and its economic growth in the state.

The major exotic breed of pigs i.e. the large white York – shire, is used for cross breeding in the state which has certainly given a boost to genetic advancement in the indigenous breed of the pigs. In order to promote cross breeding, the exotic piglets of superior germ plasm are also supplied to the pig breeders from such farms.

The Punjab State Co – operative Agricultural Development Bank Limited, initiated the following loan scheme for providing a helping hand to the piggery sector in the state –

Items Unit Cost (in Rs.) Repayment period (in yrs.)
Pig Breeding farm 20 Female pigs + 4 Pigs  7,00,000/- 5 (grace period 1 year)
Pig rearing and Fattening  3 female pigs + 1 pig  1,00,000/-  -do-
Pig fattening  10 Piglets     80,000/-  -do-
Pig retail outlet 10,00,000/-  -do-
Pig Market   5,00,000/-  -do-

Over the years, such models and paradigms have succeeded to provide concrete results in the piggery sector, by enhancing its productivity and creating employment opportunities for the rural farmers.


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