Dhanis get the ‘power’ of 24-hr Supply

Punjab government in its bid to develop each part of the state, the Badal government took the step towards providing 24 hours electricity supply to Dhanis. The project which is worth Rs. 15.30 crore is dedicated towards electrifying more than 1500 dhanis.

Dhanis get the ‘power’ of 24-hr Supply

The government of Punjab is not just working for the welfare of the residents in the villages and cities under Punjab state but even for the people living in the far flung areas of the state. To do away with the problems of the people living near the border and sub-mountainous kandi areas the Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal made it a point to provide electricity to these areas.

The project, which was taken up in 2013, aims to benefit more than 1500 Dhanis with an estimated cost of Rs. 15.30 Crore. Dhanis are places where people live collectively outside towns or villages.

The electricity in the border areas has not been regular and that has been a major reason for their disappointment. Government has now taken this into consideration and the Chief Minister has assured the residents of these areas of 24 Hour uninterrupted Electricity.

The funds for the project to start were immediately released by the Government to the Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. (PSPCL). The plan as directed by the Chief Minister himself was to connect Dhanis with a Cluster of three or more houses in border areas with feeders. This would be done after laying separate lines to ensure a good power supply on the urban pattern.

Anirudh Tiwari was made the head of a committee that was to work out the modakities for the settlement of outstanding arrears outstanding. PSPCL was also directed by the chief minister to issue fresh power bills to BPL on the basis of current.

Electrifying the 1500 Dhanis in Punjab will lead the state into some much deserved appreciation. It has been proved to be a stepping stone towards development. Punjab government in this effort of theirs of providing uninterrupted electricity to the Dhanis which have had the problem of erratic supply of electricity, has made their intention of developing each corner of the state bold.

Further in the current Budget of the state presented by the finance minister S. Parminder Singh Dhindsa, Rs 102 Crores have been allocated towards electrifying the leftout Dhanis.

After providing electricity to the border areas of the state, Akali-BJP led government has done justice to the needs of the people living in the rural areas. Looking for the needs of the poor in the far flung areas makes clear the intention of the government to help the poor.


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