Labour Act catering to needs of Labourers Effectively

The Labour department of the state Punjab has been initiating efficient steps in order to maintain industrial peace and coordination between the workers and the employers. Enacting the labour laws by the Government of India, the department looks after precisely ensuring safety, health and welfare of the workers so that the growth trajectory of Punjab witnesses only upward movement in the succeeding years.

Labour Act catering to needs of Labourers Effectively.png
The Punjab contract labour act was initiated by the government in the year 1970 with the objective to regulate the employment of contract labour in certain establishments and provide for its abolition in certain circumstances and for matters connected therewith. The act extends to the entire country, with every establishment which includes the employment of twenty or more workmen or labourers on any day of the preceding twelve months as contract labour. However, the Punjab contract labour act does not applies to situations in which work of any casual nature is being performed.

The person who looks after the operating and supervision of the establishments or, the owner or occupier of an office is the principal employer under the act. All the contractors are supposed to obtain a license on an application in Form IV, made to the licensing officer of the area. In contrast to it, the contractor is also supposed to deposit a security amount of Rs. 270 per worker. The license is to be renewed by the contractor by submitting the application in Form VII in triplicate and also deposit fee for the renewal of the license.

With the view to provide comfort to the labourers, the contractor is supposed to provide and maintain canteens, rest rooms, first aid facilities, drinking water, latrines, washing facilities etc when one hundred or more than one hundred contract labour is being employed. The Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP led state government, has set up certain prescribed rates of minimum wages which shall not be abated by the contractor. In addition to that, the contractor in the presence of the authorized representatives of the principal employer is supposed to look after the well – timed payment of wages and ensure the disbursement of wages.

The records and submissions are to be maintained by the principal employer by the registration of the contractors, in terms of every establishment in Form XII and annual return in Form XXV. And by the contractor, in the form of registering the establishment in Form XIII, muster roll and registration of wages in form XVI and Form XVII when combined, register of wage-cum-muster roll in form XVII in which the wage period is fortnightly or less, register of deductions for damages or loss in Form XX, register of fines in Form XXI, register of advances in Form XXII, register of overtime in Form XXIII, wage slip in Form XIX, and half-yearly return in Form XXIV in duplicate within 30 days from the closing of half year.

Needless to say, the Punjab contract labour act has been successfully catering to the needs of the labourers in the state.


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