Kabaddi – the true essence of Punjab

Kabaddi, the contact sport of ancient India encompasses the true essence of the state of Punjab. Kabaddi is basically derived from a Tamil word “Kai-pidi” which means ‘to hold hands’. The notable competitions of the contact sport includes Asian games, Asia Kabaddi Cup, World Kabaddi League, Women’s World Cup, Pro Kabaddi League, UK Kabaddi Cup and the very prominent Kabaddi World Cup. As the Kabaddi World Cup, 2016 comes closer the players and the lovers of the game all gear up their backpacks to watch the thrilling matches.

Kabaddi – the true essence of Punjab.png

Kabaddi World Cup was first played in the year of 2004, followed by 2007. Witnessing the high level of adrenaline rush among the spectators and the players from across the globe, the Kabaddi World Cup is being hosted every year since 2010. There are primarily four major forms of Kabaddi being played in India, which are recognized by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India. The four forms include Sanjeevani Kabaddi, Gaminee Kabaddi, Amar Style Kabaddi and Punjabi Kabaddi.

The Kabaddi World Cup is played in the Punjabi circle style in which Kabaddi is being played on a circular pitch of a diameter of 22 meters and an inner circle with a line through the middle of the pitch, which is called as “Kaudi da bharha”. In the Punjabi circle style Kabaddi there are two teams of 8 players in which one is on one raid, and none of the player leaves the field. If two stoppers attack a player, it is declares as a foul. The Punjab style Kabaddi does not require the raider saying “Kabaddi – Kabaddi” throughout the raid. The game normally lasts for 40 minutes with a change in sides after 20 minutes. The contact game is also played on a time basis, in which the time is 30 sec. However, in the Punjab Circle Style form of Kabaddi, whenever any player is touched (out), he/she is not required to go out of the court, rather he/she stays inside, and one point is awarded to the team that touched him.

The fifth edition of the circle style Kabaddi World Cup took place in the year 2014 from 7th December – 20th December in Punjab. The 12 – day long event witnessed 11 nations to be the participants in the men’s tournament, and 8 nations participating in the women’s tournament. The sixth edition of the circle style Kabaddi World Cup, shall take place lately this year. The precise schedule of the World Cup shall be out by October 2016, under the proficient surveillance of the deputy chief minister of Punjab, Sukhbir Singh Badal. The upcoming Kabaddi World Cup shall undoubtedly be a mega – event.

India has been the proud winner of 10 gold medals in Kabaddi World Cup, in the both men’s and women’s category ever since it was initiated. The secret behind this perpetual success lies in the unconditional support of the Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP led state government, and the constant and staunch hard work of the Indian Kabaddi players.


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