Single window System for power connection, a boost for Punjab govt’s claims

SAD-BJP’s promise to make offices of public dealing hassle free has received a big boost with the huge success of Single Window System which was introduced for online release of connections, by the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) last year.

Single window System for power connection, a boost for Punjab govt's claims.png

The initiative, which provides hassle free connection with above 100 KVA(Kilo Volt Ampere) of Domestic, Non Residential or Industrial load has drawn a tremendous response across the state.

According to Er. K.D.Chaudhri, Chairman cum Managing Director, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited the Single Window System for online Release of Connections has been a huge success, since it was launched.

Officials at the PSPCL maintain the most important highlight of the scheme was that the consumers were not required to physically appear in the PSPCL office to apply for the connections. The objective was also to provide best service of the kind to electricity consumers all over the state.

What needs to be done to apply

In the scheme, the consumer has to visit PSPCL web site to register his application by filling the nominal processing fee of Rs.10 per KVA online. The applicant has the option to deposit the fee with multiple payment facilities like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or through RTGS. Once the processing is through, an e Demand Notice is issued for remittance of prescribed fee and the connection is released within the given frame of time. To keep the applicant apprised of the status of his application, complete status of application is updated on his mobile phone and e-mail. The maximum time to release the connection upto 500KVA, once the application is complete in all aspects is two months and for HT connection of any load is also two months. For Extra High Tension (EHT) connection of load above 500KVA, the duration is four months.

According to officials, ever since the scheme was introduced in March 2013, more than 500 applicants of load between 100KVA to 500KVA, 100 applicants of load between 500KVA to 1000KVA, over 50 applicants with load between 1000KVA to 2000KVA, about 30 applicants of load more than 2MVA and around 30 applicants of TG/DG sets have been accepted and the electricity connections have been released.

Monitoring from the top

A mechanism has been evolved to monitor the status of each application at PSPCL’s head office at various levels. And regular efforts are being made to expedite the process at each level to ensure that the deadlines are met. Officials maintain that the results of scheme are far encouraging as no complete application remained pending for the release of electricity connection. According to them the Single Window System to release electricity connections has not only improved efficiency for the release of connection, but has also led to complete transparency. The scheme has brought in the facility to the consumer at his doorstep.

What next

While the new scheme has not only built confidence amongst the consumers about PSPCL and government’s claims, it is now contemplating that the similar facility was provided to the applicants with load of less than 100KVA.


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