Milking machine scheme – An initiative towards enhancing the quality of milk in Punjab

The Punjab Dairy Development Board, which was started through the Punjab Dairy Dev. Board Ordinance, 2000 was replaced by the Punjab Dairy Development Board Act, 2000. These acts aim at developing the dairy industry by replacing the conventional and traditional techniques from modern and scientific lines.

Milking machine scheme.png

In contrast to it, the objectives of The Punjab Dairy Development Board include –

  1. To secure cooperation among different functionaries, which are now amended for providing milk producers with the opportunities of getting a fair return for their labour & investment.
  2. To improve the profitability of milk industry.
  3. To safeguard the interests of milk producers, milk processors, dairy marketers and the consumers.

Serial no.

Pre – conditions of the scheme

Required documents


Unit Initiated on 01.01.2009

Filing of application


Minimum ownership of 10 cows, which yield 50 litres of milk.

Seva koshana letter


Must have acquired education from The Punjab Dairy Development Board

Certificate of acquired education


Purchase of milk machine from bank

Related documents


Machine to be purchased from the short listed companies

2 photos

The Punjab Dairy Development Board, initiated the subsidy scheme 2 only for the sponsored cases, as stated in the above table. The milking machine scheme shall provide 50% subsidy to the milk producers of the Punjab state. The government of Punjab even provided the helpline numbers 0172 – 270228, 2700055 for avoiding any sort of inconvenience on the part of the dairy earners. In contrast to it, the state government provides 4.5 lakhs of subsidy to the general category, and lakhs of subsidy to the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes under the Milking Machine Bulk Miller Cooler scheme.

Apart from The Punjab Dairy Development Board, The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producer’s Federation Limited i.e. Milkfed has also contributed towards enhancing the milk production in the state. With a view to upgrade the milking technology, Milkfed has been providing milking machines and milking parlours to the progressive dairy farmers and the various cooperative societies at 50 % and 25 % rate of subsidy. Following the statistics, there are about 859 milking machines and 4 milking parlours operating efficiently and effectively in the state.

Needless to say, the concentrated efforts of the Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP led state government and The Punjab Dairy Development Board, the growth trajectory of the dairy sector in the state has moved up, and there is no doubt about this anymore. With the initiation of the milking machine scheme, the bacteriological quality of the milk has been enhanced in the state owing to the hygienic condition of teats of animals and reduction in stress to animals or milkers and the somatic cell counts. The provision of the milking machine subsidy scheme to the milk producers has contributed fathomlessly towards accelerating the milk production thereby developing the dairy sector in Punjab. After all, the dairy sector has been marching towards a positive trend.


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