Maize research at Ladowal to help Farmers

The state government in Punjab has been working towards the betterment of the overexploited soil and resources. The shifting of the Directorate of Maize research (DMR) in Ladowal gives the opportunity to bring in new variety of seems of maize that would benefit the farmers and also the state.

Maize research at Ladowal to help Farmers.png

To shift the focus of farmers from Wheat and rice in the state of Punjab the government at the centre and the SAD and BJP led government at the state level have decided to shift the Directorate of Maize research (DMR) from Delhi to Ludhiana. The need of diversification is much needed in the state and that has been kept in mind while taking the decision.

The decision was taken by the then Union agriculture minister after repeatedly receiving letters from the Chief Minister of Punjab about the condition of soil and land after the rigorous growth of only wheat and rice. The facility will be shifted to Ladowal in Ludhiana, adjoining a land near Borlaug Institute of South East Asia.

It has been sighted as a great decision as this helps the farmers in lot many ways. The Chief Minister appraised the Pawars decision to shift the DMR. The Directorate of Maize research has since then helped in research on maize. The government of the state of Punjab had expressed its opinion of enhancing the area under maize cultivation, which was lakh hectares in the year 2012-13 and the produce from that being 4.58 lakh tonnes.

The growth of Maize in Punjab would even serve as an alternative crop for the farmers. The diversification it would serve is exceptional thing too. Farmers of the state are considering parting ways from the wheat paddy rotation.

Punjab government has worked hard for the farmers of the region and this for sure adds to that plan. Under the crop diversification programme the government of the state of Punjab is trying to reduce the area under paddy from 28 lakh hectares t 16 lakh hectares. This land would benefit in the growing the rate of maize in the state.

Maize requires 8-10 rounds of irrigation in a season and in comparison paddy takes 22 rounds of irrigation. Maize, popularly known as Corn is basically cultivated in the months of June to July, Sept to October. The temperature suitable for production is 22C to 30C which can be easily found in Punjab.

The production of maize has grown from 716 MnMT in 2004-05 to 967 MnMT in 2013-14. According to a study by FICCI India in the year 2013-14 was the 4th largest exporter of maize. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka dominate the maize production scene in India.

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had done his part by writing to the then union minister Pawar on numerous occasions. He had expressed his concerns over the depleting soil quality and overusing the water resources in the state. Soil in Punjab started showing signs of multi nutrient deficiencies. Maize would now act as the ‘kharif crop’ in the state.


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