Bureau of Agriculture Promotion: A catalyst of Change in the Agricultural Sector

The state’s growth trajectory has moved up, there is no doubt about this anymore. Yes, there will certainly be road bumps but the visionary government of the state shall definitely pave its way through the road bumps smoothly. Needless to mention, the radical step of the government of Punjab, to set up the Bureau of Agriculture Promotion has been the catalyst of change in the agricultural sector.

Bureau of Agriculture Promotion - A catalyst of Change in the Agricultural Sector.png

Prior to the Bureau of Investment promotion, which is the apex body for all industrial issues in providing hassle-free clearances and approvals for setting up of new industries under one roof through ‘single window’ system. The Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP led state government decided to set up the Bureau of Agriculture promotion with the aim of providing assistance to the farmers, and accelerating the agricultural growth rate in the state.

The Bureau shall help in bridging the gap between the farmers and the state government, and provide a platform to the farmers for discussing their issues regarding the agricultural benefits, schemes and programs, through a single window system.

The main features of the Bureau of Agriculture promotion are –

  1. It shall propagate a single window system, which will be of immense help to the farmers of the state.
  2. It is expected to give a further fillip to the agricultural sector.
  3. It shall act as a catalyst for research and designing activities. In contrast to, promoting new farm practices on scientific lines in the Punjab state.
  4. The Bureau of Agriculture promotion, visions Punjab to transform into a hub of litchi cultivation.

The Government of Punjab has been taking efficient steps towards replacing the traditional and conventional techniques of farming with the latest scientific techniques of farming. Keeping in view the same, the Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal proposed the agriculture department in setting up a Litchi estate in Pathankot, and equipping the estate with ultra – modern technology, providing packing house facility, ensuring efficient packing of litchis and the art of nursery.

The facilities provided to the farmers under a single roof system shall accelerate the agricultural sector, as a far more remunerative proposition by the diversification of the agricultural sector of the Punjab state. The Bureau of Agriculture promotion, shall cater to the needs of the farmers by providing technical aid such as creating awareness regarding efficient skills in crop harvesting, easy implementation and execution of modern technology and creating awareness among the farmers concerning the ongoing benefits, schemes and programs initiated by the state government.

The Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP led state government, has been conducive to the needs of the farmers, and has always provided a helping hand for them in order to increase their economic prospective. While the farmers shall be benefitted immensely by the setting up of the Bureau of Agriculture promotion, it is an undeniable fact that the state government has come a long way towards tapping the full potential of the agricultural sector.


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