Rauni farms: The cornerstone of the agricultural sector in Punjab

Rauni farms - The cornerstone of the agricultural sector in Punjab.png

Punjab is a state with vibrant institutions, robust civil society, an innovative private sector and, a state whose agricultural sector is seen to reaching its peak. It is also a model of a perfect agrarian economy, which has lifted millions of the rural people from the tight fists of poverty by widening access to the pool of opportunities such as education, health care, food, water and jobs. The Rauni farms, situated in Patiala appear to be the cornerstone of the agricultural sector in the state.

The Rauni farms, situated in Patiala, Punjab are a major locus for the agricultural developments and innovations in the state. This is clearly evident from the ongoing events in the Rauni farms, such as the Kisan mela at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Rauni farm on 11 March, 2016. The Kisan mela at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Rauni farm, was organized by one of the best agricultural universities of India, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. The main features of the Kisan mela were –

  1. It displayed about 138 exhibition stalls.
  2. Women were provided a platform for exhibiting their skills in various housekeeping activities such as knitting, stitching etc.
  3. The farmers were made aware regarding the latest agricultural techniques of farming.
  4. Information regarding quality and certified seed of Kharif crops, vegetables and sampling of the same was also an agenda of the Kisan mela.

Apart from that, the state government has been conducive towards cattle breeding and owing to the same, an amount of Rs. 42.19 crore was invested by the government for setting up a hi – tech center of excellence for cattle breeding, at the Rauni farms. The center has been operating efficiently, by replacing the traditional and conventional techniques from hi tech scientific infrastructure, which shall thereby accelerate the milk yielding cattle varieties. The center had been brought up in contrast to the diversification policy conceived by the government. The animal husbandry minister, Gulzar Singh Ranike stated that the animal husbandry, dairy development and the development of fisheries was being encouraged as in alternative and remunerative trade in the state.

In contrast to cattle breeding, the state government even initiated the radical hi – tech bull mother farm, under the Rashtriya Krishi Scientific Yojana at the Rauni village. The farm was set up with the motive of saving the 38,446 indigenous cattle in the state. The Sahiwal breed of cattle is the main concern of the farm as it is seen to be the best yielding cattle in the state. Effective steps are being taken by the state government to increase and protect the indigenous cattle.

Meanwhile, Punjab turns out to be the anchor of stability and economic growth in the agricultural sector of the country. The responsive Shiromani Akali DalBJP led Government of Punjab, has proved that together we can easily achieve ample facilities for the residents of a state. Needless to say, the state is fast sliding into an agrarian surplus state.


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