Four-Laning Connecting Punjab Cities the Smart Way

Punjab government in a bid to make Punjab well connected through road has done major work of four laning of roads that link various cities. Currently around 405 Km of National highways are four lane roads. Rs. 3082 crore were set aside further for four laning of many more important roads in Punjab.

Four-Laning Connecting Punjab Cities the Smart Way

With the approval for four laning of six national highways in Punjab back in 2009 the roadways have changed drastically under the current government. The government in 2009 covered 475 km of roads with a cost of Rs 3,066 crore. The project took the time of two years.

Currently out of the 1739 Km of National Highway under the state of Punjab 405 Km are four lane roads, under the national highway development programme.

In 2013 the government further set aside Rs. 3,080 crore for the purpose of four and six laning of roads. The project is to be completed by this year. NH-15 from Pathankot to Amritsar and NH-95 from Ludhiana to Talwandi, NH-1A from Bhogpur to Mukerain and NH1 from Shambhu border to Jalandhar would be included in this project.

The cost of NH-1 would be around 263 crore, from Dhilwan to Amrtisar. Mukerain to pathankot cost around 300 crore and has been completed. The government seeks to attract more investors to the state and with world class connectivity of roads that won’t be difficult.

In 2009 when the government of Punjab under the leadership of CM Prakash Singh Badal, made certain their intention to make Punjab well connected by road he announced four laning of Chandigarh-ludhiana-ferozpur road which is the NH-95.

The Amritsar to Pathankot road had been waiting for approval of four laning and government cleared the project. This 1020 km long stretch was complete in Rs 800 crore by the NHAI.

The project of widening the national highway linking Batala bypass and Pathankot bypass has also been declared at a cost Rs. 10.38 crore. Four laning of Jahaz chowk and Old mandi chowk will also be done.

In February this year when Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal visted Ludhiana he made it clear that projects of four laned roads from Ludhiana to Samrala chowk on NH95 and Ladhowal bypass to NH-1 would also start soon. Rs. 1,238 have been set aside for the very purpose. Badal also assured the residents of Ludhiana that the work of Chandigarh-Ludhiana Expressway would start soon.

As the Road transport and Highway minstery comes under the belt of Deputy Chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal he has personally taken the task of making Punjab a well-connected state by roads. During the tenure of present government, the road network has taken a leap. Now Punjab and all its major cities are well connected through four laned roads or are being connected by four or six-laned roads. This for sure has been a great benefit for the people of Punjab and has increased the connectivity between


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