E-Departments making life Simpler in Punjab

The Punjab government has taken a major step towards making all the government offices connected through E-departments. From transport to rural offices all are being upgraded with the modern technologies.

E-Departments making life Simpler in Punjab.png

E-departments have been set up in the state of Punjab by the government to make the various government departments ‘electronic’, ‘efficient’ and effective in terms of accessibility. E-governance serves the basic aim of carrying out functions of governance through the modern methods and making full use of the information and communication technology.

With the rise of E-Governance the Punjab government has tried to deliver better services to citizens, empower people through information and improve interference with business and industry. Government tries to link the citizen to the e-governance from the moment of birth and till he/she retires and seeks health care and pension.

The e-district project which has been implemented in 2 districts of Punjab as it is in the infant stage with an approved budget of Rs. 600 lacs. It is an incorporation of various offices at districts, sub-district, and tehsil and block level. The vision is to provide the citizens with services without any fail at district level.

The objective of the plan is to make the offices at district and tehsil level computerized and to deliver exceptional level of services to the citizens. E-district also serves as a mode of enhancing the capability of the government and its image. E-interaction has also been promoted and the interaction with the government has been discouraged here. People who wish to get any work done can have it online and this would save them time and is relaxed to be done.

State Portal and State Service Delivery Gateway is being developed with the motive that citizens can be provided with outlets where they will be able to access the services under a single interface mechanism.

It provides easy access which can be used anytime and anywhere. Using this any individual will have to visit a government office very less number of times reducing a factor of problems which occur while visiting. The various departments that fall under this project are: Health & family welfare, Home department, Social security, Food and Civil supplies, rural development, Governance reforms, SC and OBC welfare and Personnel department.

With an objective to make the land records accessible and computerized Fard kendras were set up where all the information of the land is stored. There are around 163 such kendreas in public private partnership. 12780 villages have been cover under this scheme.

The transport department has also set up service delivery counters to provide smart card based driving licenses, permits and learner’s licenses.

In seven districts of Punjab the Punjab state power corporation limited has enabled payment of electricity bills through gram suwidha kendras. The plan to diversify these is in process. Punjab has become the first state for implementation of registration at dealer desk system.

Under the e-courts system all 2500 court complexes have been set up with computer rooms. Digital interconnectivity has been established under all courts now. These range from block level to apex court. E-filing facility might also be made possible under this for Supreme Court and high court.

In future the government has planned to make Agriculture an e-department along with the department of industrial policy and promotion and also the departments of Health and Education.


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