Drivers Training Institute: Honing driving Skills Effectively

The State Institute of Automotive and Driving Skills, Mahuana has been focusing on the importance of being attentive while driving, in contrast to explaining the technicalities about the vehicle for the driver to fix up, just in case he is struck somewhere.

Drivers Training Institute - Honing driving Skills Effectively - Parkash Singh Badal, Developing Punjab

The State Institute of Automotive and Driving skills (SIADS) is a joint venture of the Government of Punjab and Tata motors which focuses on providing driving training through a prescribed designing course content, technical assistance and know-how, guidance, vehicles and earth moving equipment, training aggregates and teaching aids.

It was inaugurated on 19th February 2010, by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Prakash Singh Badal and P M Telang, Managing director, India operations, Tata Motors Ltd. , Master Mohan Lal (Transport Minister of Punjab) and various other senior dignitaries were present at the inauguration ceremony.

It is situated on the Malout-Dabwali road (NH-10) at village Mahuana, in Shri Muktsar Sahib District of the Punjab state. The area covered under the State Institute of Automotive and driving skills is nearly 14 acres.

An amount of Rs. 15 crores is invested by the state government, with the motive of creating a modern complex, a computerized driving track and hostel facilities, apart from providing the land and infrastructure for the project. Tata Motors Ltd. has left no stone unturned, in terms of providing its contribution to SIADS. It has invested about Rs. 2.75 crores for the efficient functioning of the project.

The institute specializes in providing training to the drivers for both heavy and light commercial vehicles, buses, passenger cars, off the road (OTR) vehicles and earth moving equipments.

Welding (gas and electric), mechanic auto electrical and electronics, mechanic refrigeration and air conditioning, mechanic motor vehicle, mechanical diesel, mechanic electronics , driver-cum-mechanic LMV and driver-cum-mechanic HMV are also imparted technical training.

The driving tracks of the institute are well configured, spread over an area of 3.2 kilometers. The tracks are designed in a 4-lane straight road, over bridge, S- bend road, Curved road,  6 lane straight road, bus stop, round about junction, flyover, 8 type road and hill side bend along with petrol pump inclined parking. Such adequately designed tracks have been salutary in providing all the road conditions experienced by a driver under normal driving operations.

CM Prakash Singh Badal said that, “On completion of successful training in the respective trades, the students of this institute would be able to get suitable appointments with Tata Motors Ltd. and other reputed concerns, not only in India but abroad also.”

The youth of the state has been benefitted through the driving training institute, in terms of fetching good employment prospectives and efficient driving skills. Needless to say, this alliance of Tata Motors Ltd. and the Government of Punjab by setting up the State Institute of Automotive and driving skills has contributed fathomlessly to the development of the state.


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