Strengthening road connectivity in Punjab

The roads in Punjab are one of the best laid roads in the country. The roads adjoining Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Bathinda, Pathankot, Firozpur and other regions of the state hold in themselves a blessing in disguise. A blessing in the form of picturesque acres of golden farms, the pleasant sounds of the tractors, precisely designed highways and how can we forget, the mouth- watering food courts on the way to our final destination.

Strengthening road connectivity in Punjab.png
Keeping in view, the significance of roads in the economic development of the state, the Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal has left no stone unturned for strengthening the road connectivity in the state. The Infrastructure Development Investment Programme for Tourism (IDIPT) has contributed immensely in the last mile connectivity to cultural sites in western areas.

What is Infrastructure Development Investment Programme for Tourism (IDIPT) ?
Infrastructure Development Investment Programme for Tourism (IDIPT), is an initiative which aims at strengthening connectivity to and among key tourist destinations, improving basic urban infrastructure and services such as water supply, road and public transport etc. The sub project component comprises of upgradation, strengthening and widening of last mile connectivity.

The Punjab government invested Rs. 13,000 crore for road connectivity, in 2012 for launching a program to connect all major cities and towns in the state with 4 lane and 6 lane expressways, which appears to be fulfilled at a large extent.

National Highways in Punjab cover a total length of 2136 kilometers, there are twelve national highways which pass through the state. Apart from that, there are 6990 kilometers of state highways in contrast with an extensive network of 55,000 kilometers of link roads. “Punjab has highest road densities amongst Indian states at 133 km per 100 sq. km with total 64,500 KMs road network in the state. ” said Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways . It would be unfair to not mention, that the initiative of conversion of 382 kilometers state highways to national highways has brought to light massive transformation in state’s road connectivity network. The central government aims at upgrading and maintaining all the bridges, culverts, carriageways, and other structures across such highways.

Going through the numbers and statistics, 230 kilometers of national highways have been already been converted into six lanes in the last five years at a cost of Rs. 1,460 crores. The honorable chief minister of Punjab, aims to make the state apex in terms of road connectivity, which is clearly evident from the fact that the government has been working efficiently towards 4 and 6 laning of all state highways and national highways, for which Rs. 3,080 crore were set aside. Owing to the visionary Government of Punjab, there is no more waiting at the crossroads!


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