Free Books, Uniforms and Scholarships for students in Punjab

Punjab government has worked towards better education and they have tried to do so not just through text books even the appearance of the students has been looked after. Financially each poor student or disabled student has been a beneficiary under the government run schemes.

Free Books, Uniforms and Scholarships for students in Punjab

Marking 2012 as the ‘Education year’ for Punjab, its state government led by the alliance of SAD-BJP made providing quality education as it aim. Punjab which stood at number 3 if we checked all the state wise ranking in terms of education wanted to improve its ranking and become the number one state in terms of education in the country and hence the government came up with a brilliant idea. The idea was to provide free text books to students belonging to the Schedule caste and schedule tribe segment of the society.

The state decided to spend Rs. 30 crore to provide free text books to Sc and ST students. Punjab Education Minister Sikander Singh Maluka made the announcement of the much appreciated scheme and said that students from class 1 to 8 belonging to Schedule caste and schedule tribe community will get free text books.

It was also made clear by the minister that the infrastructure in schools will also be taken care of.

The state government in the year 2013 took a major step which made clear their intentions to help their students not just in developing but also saving them every coin which can be possible. CM and the Education minister knocked on the door of UPA government and asked them for a grant of Rs. 196 crore. The state government intended to provide every student in 18,000 government run primary and upper primary schools with free of cost uniform.

HRD ministry already granted Rs. 400 for each child under elementary education who is either Scheduled cast or below poverty line for uniform. The state however wished Rs. 1,000 and that too for every student not just the BPL and SC students.

The SAD-BJP led government asked Rs. 500 per boy/ girl for Salwar suit or Trousers and shirt. Rs. 50 for turban or dupatta. Rs.200 for shoes and socks and Rs. 250 for a sweater for each student.

The centre government allows Rs. 400 per child for allocation of uniforms and the Punjab government asked for Rs. 1000. In such a case the government of Punjab was ready to utilise its own funds. The money might be transferred into a joint saving account of the mother and child.

The schemes for Post-matric scholarships for Scheduled Castes given by the Punjab government focuses on enabling poor SC students in completing their Post matriculate stage of education. Any Scheduled cast student with a family income of below Rs. 2, 50,000 per annum is eligible for this. Under the scheme student get study tour charges, maintenance allowance, reimbursement of compulsory non-refundable schemes.

Other scholarship schemes that are given under Punjab government are:

  • Post Matric scholarship scheme for OBC classes
  • Central sector scholarship of top class education for SC students
  • Scheme of national scholarships for persons with disabilities
  • Post matric scholarship scheme for minority students

Scholarship schemes under the Punjab government help the poor and the backward class. The aim of the government is to provide the needy with sufficient sums of money that would enable them to complete their education and help the state in rising through their knowledge gained.


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