Water supply in rural areas: A triumphant affair in Punjab

Water, a symbol of devotion and purity is one of the chief elements responsible for survival on the earth. This is clearly evident from the fact that, the human body comprises of 75 percent of water and two thirds of the earth’s surface is also covered by water. Keeping in view the following facts, the Punjab government has made reasonable progress in the water supply and sanitation sector, considerably.

Water supply in rural areas - A triumphant affair in Punjab - Progressive Punjab, Irrigation, Agriculture

The progress can easily be traced by having a look at the 16 World Bank mission which was seen as rating and commending the Punjab’s implementation of Rs. 1280 crore in Punjab Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (PRWSS) project, Phase-I as the best in the country. The state was further appreciated by the saying that it should be declared as a model project and it should be replicated in other parts of the country.

What is Punjab Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (PRWSS) project?
The Punjab Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (PRWSS) project, is an initiative taken basically by the Government of Punjab, Government of India and IDA (World Bank) in order to march towards the revolutionary transformation of the Water Supply and Sanitation sector in the rural areas of the state. The Government of Punjab’s visionary strategy of the PRWSS aims at conducing all the villages of the state with 100% water supply, in addition to opulent service standards and private service connections to the household sector.

The PRWSS project does not neglect the environmental sanitation at all, as various provisions have been made to pioneer the work, at pilot basis in approximately 100 villages by initiating modern underground waste water collection and disposal systems. The Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS) of Punjab, has often shown signs of their pro-active approach towards the project by amending the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) policy. The apex features of the new policy framework includes improving fiscal and operational performance, timely upgradation and management of RWSS services and facilities, introducing partial capital cost sharing by users as an expression of their demand and financing recurring O & M costs by the user communities. The policy is set to make the rural sector more efficient, competitive and global in its nature. The progress report of the project is as follows-


New/Upgradation of Water Supply Schemes
in NC and PC Villages



No. of Villages



No. of Schemes



No. of Schemes whose Estimates have been Administratively Approved



No. of villages where 90%-100% Beneficiary Share has been Collected



No. of villages commissioned up to (31-12-2014)


Irrespective of the problems which may crop up from time to time during the course of development, the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS) under the guidance of the SAD-BJP led Government of Punjab has been successful in achieving the objectives of the PRWSS project to a large extent. Such triumphant policies which are designed in accordance to the emerging economic issues and problems has boosted the over all progress and prosperity of the Punjab state.


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