Upgradation of milk farms- A Roadway to white revolution in Punjab

The visionary government of Punjab, which aims to be the apex dairy industry in terms of the quality of products is successfully paving its way to another white revolution in India. The upgradation of the milk farms in the state, shall create a pillar of support for the rural economy, make the various milk unions of the state doable and ensure satisfying quality of milk and milk products to the consumers.

agriculture and dairy farmingThe Chief minister, Prakash Singh Badal led SAD-BJP government, has always expressed its gratitude towards the farmers of the state in the form of favorable and efficient reforms for the sector. He has often emphasized on the dire need to make a shift from the traditional agriculture to the dairy farming, as an alternative to the conventional form of agriculture. Owing to the fact that, the income generated through the conventional agriculture is just not enough for the farmers to earn a decent level of income. Reminiscing the contribution of the farmers of in Punjab in the metamorphosis of a food deficit country to a food surplus India, the Chief Minister praised the farmers of the state and claimed that Punjab will soon pave its way towards a white and blue revolution.

“In this great service of the nation the farmers of the state have even sacrificed the only available natural resources of the state in terms of fertile soil and water. In such a dismal scenario, the only silver lining for the farmers is the allied farming sector, which has a huge potential in the state. In order to emerge out of the current agrarian crisis, the Punjabi farmers must take the initiative of opting for the allied farming activities like dairy farming, piggery, apiary, goat rearing and others.” He said, in accordance to a press release.

Even the Union Budget, 2016 professes an allocation of Rs. 850 crore for the various dairy related projects across the country, with the vision of galvanizing all the villages of India by the year of 2018. The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producer’s Federation Limited, popularly known as MILKFED Punjab, has been successful in attaining the dual objective of catering remunerative milk market to the various milk producers in the state by value addition and to enhance the production of milk in the state, by providing technical inputs and expertise to the milk producers. In contrast to the same, the chief minister recently announced the set-up of an ultra-modern dairy plant with the daily processing capacity of 5 lakhs at Bassi Pathana, in Fatehgarh Sahib at the cost of Rs. 75 crore. The project will definitely accelerate the upgradation of milk plants in the state.

Highly inspired by his tour to Maeil diaries, the biggest dairy in South Korea, Mr. Badal planned to upgrade Milkfed, and Verka milk plants by replacing the obsolete techniques. Other milk plants which are in line for upgradation include Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Bathinda and Mohali milk plants.  If what is planned is implemented effectively, and welcomed with open arms, the dairy reforms could be successful in ameliorating the agony of the rural poor in Punjab.


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