Agro service centers on sound footing in Punjab

Agriculture plays the role of the most important sector in our economy, owing to the fact that agriculture and the other allied sectors tend to contribute to a large share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Punjab, being an agrarian state where 75% of the population depends directly on agriculture to earn a living, efforts are being made to improve the facilities in all respects.

Agro service centers on sound footing in Punjab - Progressive Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal, SAD, Shiromani Akali Dal Sarkar

The Prakash Singh Badal led SAD – BJP government has been taking efficient steps to improve the agricultural sector, which in return is leading to a revolutionary transformation to march ahead on the path of a perennial revolution in the agricultural sector. A handful of agro service centers are being set up by the department of agriculture with a view to provide labor support, planting material, fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers. The agro service centers are set up under the directions of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) scheme.

The promotion and facilitation of the agro based industries and creating a similar environment for initiating food processing units in the state, are the basic rules of the Punjab Agro Industries Corporation. The main services as stated by the department include:

  1. The identification of technically feasible and economically viable projects.
  2. Attracting financial collaboration for the implementation of projects in joint or assisted sector.
  3. Assisting collaborators in obtaining all kinds of statutory sanctions , approvals, grants and subsidies from the state or central government of the country.

The National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED), was founded on 2 October 1958. It is a supreme organization of marketing cooperatives for agricultural produce in India, under the ministry of agriculture, Government of India. Under the earnest assistance of the same, various NAFED Agro Service Centers have been serving the agricultural sector at a stretch in the country. The Agro service Centers are located in Delhi, Ludhiana and Rudrapur. According to the statistics, during the year 2006-07, the Agro Service Centers supplied seeds, agricultural and garden hand tools, plant protection equipments, engines and spare parts of the total value of approximately Rs. 20.61 crores.

The Agro service centers have rescued the small and marginal farmers from the conventional and inefficient techniques of farming and help them attain self-sufficiency. The honorable chief minister of the state, has always been conducive towards the needs of the farmers which is clearly evident from the fact that the government decided to take the load of high investments by individual farmers on the farm machinery. In order to save the small and marginal farmers from getting trapped into a vicious circle. The project has provided a helping hand to the agricultural sector by achieving an edge over the extension of the undertaken activities and production techniques.

Such comprehensive and coordinated efforts of the Punjab government, are directing the economy towards economic prosperity in the rural areas and agrarian transformation. Needless to say, the agricultural sector deserves a sound footing after all.


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