No more waiting at the crossroads

As the Prakash Singh Badal led SAD-BJP government successfully completed its 9 years of being in power today, it would be selfish to not take note of the contemporary social setting in the state. Punjab, being a far-sighted government is certainly forging ahead to make itself an IT superpower.

No more waiting at the crossroads - driving license online

Residents of Punjab are able to submit their particulars and track status for their driving license online, on the public portal The applicant is said to receive his/her learner license, in mere time span of a day. In contrast to this, the ancient method of driving test has been replaced by a computerized state-of-art driving centres, which encounter scientific and precise driving tests.

Any resident of the state who is between the ages of 16-18 years, is eligible to apply for the learner’s license. Whereas, all the residents who have pertained the age limit of 18 years are supposed to haul their permanent driving license, in order to drive their vehicle in a public place and neglecting the same is a punishable offence.

However, to obtain a driving license of a vehicle that is used in transporting dangerous or hazardous to health goods, the minimum age has to be 20 years and the license  is effective for one year and the renewal of the same requires the applicant to undergo a one-day refresher course of the prescribed syllabus.

Ever since the e-governance portal by the Punjab government, has been implemented it has given rise to a less cumbersome process, which involves no paper documents, as all the required particulars are uploaded online. As soon as the documents are uploaded, the applicant is issued a reference number which can be used for paying the fees and getting the required documents verified.

The driving license is of immense importance for any person to drive any motor vehicle and no owner of any motor vehicle shall permit any underage to drive the same in any public place or any other place, until and unless the vehicle is registered in accordance with Chapter IV of the MV Act, 1988.

The prevailing State Transport Commissioner (STC), Mr. Ajit Singh Kohar has left no stone unturned for efficient functioning of the Transport system in Punjab. Mr. Kohar’s initiative of issuing automated driving test, through online licensing and training centre turned out to be a huge success, ever since its inception in April 2015, the centre has easily issued 27027 driving licenses so far, of which 5440 were said to be issued in the month of December 2015.  “The popularity of this project can be gauged from the fact that in December 2015 total 5440 licenses were issued in 21 working days. This gives an average 259 licenses per day, which translates into a new license being produced every 1.84 minutes”, the minister claimed.

With a visionary SAD-BJP government, there has been a considerable shift in the executing paradigm in Punjab, due to the appropriate use of technology thereby, bringing efficiency and accuracy in the work.


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