Indian Institute of Management commences in Amritsar

Punjab government succeeds in setting up an IIM in Punjab

The much awaited IIM Amritsar was given a nod by the Government of India in 2015 after the relentless efforts by the Punjab Government to establish this prestigious management institute in Punjab. IIM Amritsar is the fifteenth Indian institute of management to be established and is under the guidance of the fifth oldest IIM Kozhikode, Kerala. IIMs are public business institutions of higher learning which provide world class education, training and placements. The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) has set up the institute with support from Punjab government that had been vying for the actualisation of an IIM on Punjab soil for a long time.

Indian Institute of Management commences in Amritsar.png

The campus for the IIM Amritsar has been approved to be developed on a 60 acres site which is at Manawala on the Amritsar-Jalandhar GT Road, that has been allocated by the district administration. The core team that gave final approval for this site comprised of Mr. Shailender Kumar from HRD Ministry, IIM Kozhikode Director Mr. Kulbhushan Balooni, Mr. C Raul from Punjab government, and Mr. PL Gupta as a representative from Central Public Works Department.

It was a crucial moment when this team gave the final go ahead for the Manawala site, as earlier rejection of prospective sites had delayed the project. After the clearance for the site, the Punjab government bought the land at the rate of 1.25 crore per acre from its owner. The Punjab government then transferred this land to the IIM society without delay so that the 900 crore project of building the IIM campus could begin post-haste.

The IIM Amritsar campus was inaugurated by Minister for Higher Education and Languages of Punjab, Sardar Surjit Singh Rakhra in August 2015. During his inaugural speech he commended the meritorious endeavour of the Punjab government for bringing an institution of such repute in the state, and lauded the Punjab government for setting an example for other states in its approach. Also present during the ceremony were Prof. Kulbhushan Balooni, director of IIM Kozhikode and mentor director IIM Amritsar, Deans, Faculties and Senior Administrative staff of IIM Kozhikode.

IIM Amritsar began its journey from a temporary campus allotted to it inside the Punjab Institute of Technology, Government Polytechnic Compound. The first batch consisted of sixty five students who enrolled in the flagship programme offered by IIM Amritsar, that is Postgraduate Programme for Management. The aim of this program is to prepare the qualifying graduates for high placements in the industry where they may lead from senior level positions. It is considered equivalent to a MBA and despite IIM Amritsar being located in a transit campus, it is much sought after. While the IIM Amritsar permanent campus and its infrastructure is under development, the government has striven to give the students at the temporary campus most of the basic necessities. The permanent campus is expected to finish within two- three years with the full backing of the Punjab government.

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