AFPI: Making Journey to NDA Easier

Maharaja Ranjit Singh armed forces preparatory institute in Mohali is a jewel in the crown of the Punjab government. To combat the issue of unemployed youth, the Punjab government implemented a unique institution that would benefit not only the people of Punjab, but would serve the entire nation. As the name suggests, AFPI aims at moulding young able bodied boys of Punjab and prepare them for the journey towards National Defence Academy, where soldiers are born.

AFPI -  Making Journey to NDA Easier


Maharaja Ranjit Singh AFPI is bestowed with the guardianship of Major General Baljit Singh Grewal, a retired officer with impeccable service record and achievements. He’s the first Director of the institution since its inception in 2010. In his vigilant custody, the institution has flourished and rolled out many brilliant candidates who have successfully cleared the entrance for NDA. Each year cadets of AFPI add to the triumph of the institute, to the utmost pride of the Punjab government and the state.

The Punjab government fully realises the potential of its youth. No expense has been spared to give AFPI every facility to train its pupils. These boys are trained with vigour in many disciplines to produce future leaders of the Indian army. The training is intense and focuses on many aspects of development. Academics is heavily stressed upon where science subjects pertaining to the non-medical field, which are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science/Physical Education, are provided so that future of the cadets is secure even if they decide to not pursue the path towards NDA.

With the intellectual skills covered, the physical skills are also nurtured with discipline. Outdoor training regime is constructed in a way so as to develop the fitness level of the boys as per NDA standards. Physical training, swimming, drills, Equitation training, sports, firing are encouraged to settle the cadets in the state of mind of army men.

An army officer is not just a soldier. He is a hero and pride of his nation. In lieu with that, the government has insisted that the curriculum should aim to develop officer like qualities in all the cadets. Training programmes include special lectures by veteran soldiers, training films, occasional visits to military establishments, soft skills and even extra effort has been made to inculcate good grasp of English language for adequate communication.

AFPI was introduced to pave an easier way for the young boys of Punjab to fulfil their dream of serving in the Indian army. Ambitious young men are guided thoroughly so that directly after their 10th standard, they can focus on striving for their aim.

This initiative by the Punjab government has not only served its purpose with exceptional results but also boosted the morale of the aspiring youth so that they can walk a more productive path of building up the nation. It has always been the aim of the government to ensure that the full potential of the youth of Punjab is realised. AFPI is yet another milestone achieved with success to guide the young impressionable boys of Punjab towards a bright future.

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