Animal Welfare Initiative (Animal Adoption Scheme)

Animal Adoption Scheme

The government of Punjab has initiated animal adoption scheme where they have offered a chance to adopt wild animals and birds from major zoos of the state, promoting community involvement for animal care.

Under the scheme, any individual, trust, or organization can adopt an animal or a bird for a year or a few months and contribute towards feeding the animal, maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness of enclosures as well meet the medical costs.

The scheme will be available at the Mohindra Chaudhury Zoological Park at Chhatbir, zoos in Ludhiana, Bathinda and Patiala, a deer park at Neelon on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road, and an aviary in Patiala. “Those who are keen to adopt a wild animal, we provide them specific information about the upkeep of the animals in the zoo. It’s the duty of every human being to contribute to the conservation of wild animals as human beings are very much responsible in disturbing their natural habitat and placing them in captivity,” said Vishal Chauhan, District Forest Officer of Ludhiana.

The Punjab Youth Forum, an NGO in Ludhiana, has adopted almost ten birds and animals from Ludhiana zoo, and has also been working to inspire people to adopt wild animals. “We are trying to convince people to adopt wild animals and birds and contribute towards feeding the animals. The annual expense to adopt a lion is 1,800 dollars, where as a deer costs 250 dollars and a bear costs 680 to 800 dollars. There are many people who donate money for organizing community meal at religious places. So, we approach them to adopt wild animals. Through the conservation of wild animals, we can maintain nature’s balance, which is important for both the environment and geography,” said Dr.Kripal Singh, Convener of Punjab Youth Forum.

After adoption, the person will have the right to check the diet and living conditions of the animal and can seek an explanation about anything pertaining to the adopted animal from the authorities.

Also, this scheme offers a lot of benefits to the customers. The first advantage is that the adopters get their names displayed in the zoo premises. Second, the adopters automatically become the ex officious members of the ‘Zoo Development Society‘, which would soon start in Punjab and would work towards the development of the Zoos in the State. And the third advantage is that the adopters would get free entry in the Zoo whenever they wish to visit.

More so, the adopters would be regularly informed about the upkeep of their animals and the biggest advantage of this scheme is that people get a chance to do something good for the natural habitat by taking care of an animal(s).

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